A head and shoulders photograph of Dr Bostock who has a bald head, is wearing a purple shirt with purple tie and is smiling.

A Polyglot expert from Edge Hill University will be presenting his latest research on transforming the student experience through assessments in Higher Education at an international conference in a more novel way – by delivering it in Spanish.

It’s the first time Dr John Bostock, Senior Lecturer in Teaching and Learning Development, will present his work in another language to help the audience understand the power of multilingualism. 

“I’m convinced that using these language skills to present research at conferences where English is not the first language can be a great advantage,” said Dr Bostock, who is also a fluent speaker in German, French and Portuguese.

“Understanding the transformative power of multilingualism is vital. Over half of the world speak more than one language, and multilingualism brings advantages for community relations and global understanding.

“There have been studies that have found that researchers lack essential foreign language skills which can limit researchers in their ability to engage internationally in or with their research. By using this approach – speaking in Spanish at this international conference – I hope to encourage language exchange and development.

“Languages are not versions of English: the ideas, skills and insights around learning and teaching are culturally diverse and can, therefore, bring a wealth of untapped knowledge around pedagogy and curriculum design.”

Based at the University’s Centre for Learning and Teaching, the former lecturer and Head of Languages, is gaining recognition at major European conferences for his research work, which includes the significance of social interaction in online learning, developing pedagogical content knowledge in Higher Education and the use of technology in enhancing the quality and impact of teaching, learning and assessment.

Dr Bostock will be presenting at the Spanish Conference EvalTrends2020, taking place at the Universidad De Cadiz, from 25 to 27 February, to discuss how assessment in Higher Education has evolved and what challenges it faces. He will be joined by experts in teaching, learning and assessment at HE level Professor Sally Brown, and Phil Race

For more information about Dr Bostock’s work, visit www.edgehill.ac.uk/clt/profiles-john_bostock/