Anna sits third from the left, gesticulating with her hands as she leads a discussion, with two people to her left listening intently
Anastasia Konstantopoulou discussed preparing students for the Forth Industrial Revolution in an Adobe roundtable discussion

An Edge Hill University academic joined a panel of experts for Adobe’s roundtable discussion to look at how innovation can help develop new pedagogies and agile learning programmes.

Dr Anastasia Konstantopoulou, Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching, whose research interests focus on branding, innovation in educational development and the overall student experience, joined the Times Higher Education Live debate around preparing students for the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’.

The panel focused on how universities should deliver their teaching, particularly in light of rapid technological advances, and how innovation and change would be key to future delivery.

“Institutions needed to not only adapt to this new reality but also be cognisant of the changing expectations of the student body,” said Anastasia.

“I believe that students should be placed at the heart of any innovation, and that student feedback on curriculum changes could be remarkably insightful and valuable.”

Anastasia and other higher education thought leaders on the panel agreed that the right approach was needed to implement new ideas and fresh approaches to curriculum design in an environment that has been delivering higher education for more than 800 years.

After the panel discussion, Anastasia concluded: “The next wave of innovation coupled with excellent teaching and global outlook are shaping a new higher education paradigm”.

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