Prof Jo Crotty smiles at the camera.
Professor Jo Crotty’s inaugural lecture will discuss the common myths associated with modern-day Russia.

Some of the common myths associated with modern-day Russia will be debated and dispelled at a thought-provoking public lecture at Edge Hill University to mark the appointment of a new professor.

In her inaugural lecture on 23rd January, Professor Jo Crotty will reflect on her time as both a consultant and academic, working, living and researching in Russia during a time of unprecedented change, 25 years after her first visit to the former Soviet Union.

During her talk at the Ormskirk campus, she will also offer a very personal insight into the changing nature of Russian society and the challenges it presents, particularly to the lone, female researcher.

Professor Crotty said: “When the Soviet Union came to an end on Christmas Day 1991, it was hoped that Russia would become an open economy and a functioning democracy where freedom of movement and expression were embraced. Today, common perceptions of post-Soviet Russia are instead shaped by images of Boris Yeltsin engaged in drunken dancing; oligarchs buying football clubs; mail-order brides; Vladimir Putin riding horses both bare back and bare chested; and the state-sponsored poisoning of former Russian agents. But how accurate is this?

“By revisiting my work on state-society-business relations, civil society development, corporate social responsibility and my most recent project on #MeToo and the Russian Women’s Movement, my lecture will both confirm and dispel some of the common myths associated with modern-day Russia.”

Professor Jo Crotty is Director of the Institute for Social Responsibility (ISR), which is Edge Hill University’s cross-disciplinary research and knowledge exchange initiative to critically examine broad conceptualisations of social responsibility across the social sciences, arts and humanities. She is also Professor of Management at the University’s Business School.

Jo has published over 70 journal articles, conference papers and book chapters, including the British Journal of Management, Sociology, Non-profit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly and Organisation Studies. She has been awarded research funding from ESRC and the British Academy and sits on the Editorial Board of Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management Journal. She is also an academic advisor at London Business School.

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