Professor of Physical Activity Education Stuart Fairclough sitting in a grey suit
Professor of Physical Activity Education Stuart Fairclough

Stuart Fairclough, a professor of Physical Activity Education at Edge Hill University, was among a team of experts advising on the amount of physical activity people should be doing to improve their health.

Released by the UK Chief Medical Officers on Saturday (7 September), the guidelines include recommendations for all ages.

Based in the Department of Sport and Physical Activity, Stuart said: “Physical activity is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle and provides benefits to all aspects of health and wellbeing, which is why these new guidelines are so important for all ages.”

The evidence put forward was evaluated by expert groups before it underwent a consultation process with stakeholders. After being finalised, it was released by the Department of Health and Social Care and will be used by healthcare professionals across the nation. 

Stuart said: “I was involved in the Children and Young People expert group and the guidelines we decided on putting forward reflected subtle changes that were observed amongst that age range.

“The guidelines recommend that child and young people average at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per day across the week, while there is new emphasis on developing movement skills, and replacing prolonged sedentary time with light intensity physical activities.”

The new guidelines are an update to those released in 2011 and are to be valuable promotion and educational tools for everyone involved in physical activity promotion.

To read more and to view the new guidelines, visit the Department of Health and Social Care website.