Two years ago, Amy Magill overcame several obstacles to graduate with a First Class degree in Child Health and Wellbeing; today, she can now add a Masters to her list of academic achievements.

The 26-year-old from Southport has juggled the demands of motherhood and a turbulent relationship in successfully coming through higher education, to make a brighter future for herself and her son, now aged nine.

Encouraged to return to college, she achieved a triple distinction star which instilled in her the confidence to continue to university. Initially keen to pursue Social Work and Nursing at degree level, her eventual course suited her needs. She said:

“I found my BSc Hons a challenge, but at the same time extremely rewarding and it opened so many new doors. I think it also helped that my tutors were so supportive and offered continued help and guidance throughout.”

Her subsequent two-year Masters in Social Work included 170 days of practice hours, which put a strain on her family life.

“This was difficult with a child, a home to run and a job. However, I am hoping it will pay off in the future – being that it was also my 10th year of education since leaving school!

“The Masters was definitely more challenging than my degree in many ways; however, my current employers were amazing with supporting me through it and were extremely accommodating with my hours and checking up on me.”

Reflecting on her time at Edge Hill, she is sorry to leave – but hasn’t ruled out a return…

“I am extremely sad to be leaving. It has been amazing to see the university grow and change over the years and I hope to one day be back to do my PhD.”

Amy currently works for Amber Family, a parental assessment unit, keen to continue to put into practice all that she has learnt.

“I am unsure what the future holds but no matter what path I take I am looking forward to hopefully making positive change and being an advocate to children and families in need.”

How does Amy reflect on her journey back into education, and what she has achieved?

“It was not easy, but it was worth it. There was always an up to a down for myself, and each down made me a stronger person. It challenged me in all areas of my life; however, having my nine-year-old son tell me, ‘I did it’, was priceless. Even now, graduating, I still do not believe what I have achieved.”

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