An eight-strong team of final year Film and TV Production students saw their short screened at the prestigious Alexandria International Short Film Festival.

The short film, titled A Message from our Sponsor, was shown at the event in northern Greece.

The festival, now in its fifth year, showcased 39 films from around the world, as well as hosting live music and theatre.

Filmmakers Daniel Quinn, Morgan Murphy, Tom Anderson, Nathan Ellerton, Holly Thornton, Katie Allen, Krystyna Kitchen and Harvey Griffin were the students who produced the short, about a struggling actor trying to break through in a world controlled by advertising, as part of their third-year Independent Film Production module, under the tutorship of Senior Lecturer Rosa Fong.

The University has developed a link with the city through Senior Lecturer Yannis Koufonikos.

The festival is organised by the film club Kinimatodrasis, committed to bringing the best short films from Greece and abroad to the Greek audience. Festival representative, Athina Bentila, said:

“A Message from our Sponsor was received with great enthusiasm from the audience who enjoyed and applauded the film. We thank the students for their contribution to the festival and we are looking forward to seeing more submissions from Edge Hill University next year.”

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