Taylor Paisley-French at Parr Street Studios, Liverpool

A former Edge Hill University Music Production student from London has made history by appearing alongside jazz pioneer Jamie Cullum.

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Taylor Paisley-French, who is now based near Manchester, has previously collaborated with musicians including members of Gil Scott Heron’s Band, but the opportunity to work with the UK’s biggest-selling jazz artist of all time provided a unique opportunity.

Taylor, along with five other artists, was invited to work with Cullum in June, in what was dubbed the world’s first ‘5G Music Lesson’ event hosted by the Music For All charity. While Cullum was based in London, Taylor and other musicians were in Bristol, while other members of the ‘band’ were in Birmingham, making history in being part of the world’s first performance using 5G technology.

The 22-year-old, who brings a fusion of genres ranging from Jazz and Blues to Pop, Rock and R ‘n’ B, was spotted playing in the Yamaha Music London tent at the Love Supreme Jazz Festival in Lewes. Invited to perform by Jazz FM broadcaster Nigel Williams for interview, which ended with him playing Wasting Time from his new EP, Chasing Yesterday.

Taylor, who graduated in 2018, also featured on a CD released by Edge Hill University, playing piano on the tracks Just To See and Home by My Favourite Duo, a collaboration with former cohort Emily Jones, a singer/songwriter from Llandudno Junction, North Wales.

They are just two of the artists to appear on the Seeds compilation album, which showcases compositions from a host of vocalists and musicians undertaking the three-year programme. In addition, Taylor also plays on Head Starts Spinning by Josh Duffy.

The project realises the vision of Gary Westhead, Senior Lecturer in Music Sound and Audio Production and Programme Leader for Music Production, to provide a showcase for students while also offering valuable studio and recording experience.

“The CD is a showcase of the students’ work that demonstrated their skills in composing, performing and recording music”, he said. “As such it is a valuable tool for them as they enter the job market as well as an expression of their creativity, commitment, enthusiasm and determination.”

The tracks were recorded at Edge Hill University’s own state-of-the-art studios and at the world-renowned Parr Street Studios in Liverpool, famous for hosting an eclectic range of artists including Coldplay, the Spice Girls, Justin Bieber and Rihanna.

Taylor released his first EP, The Answer, on 17 July 2018; exactly a year later his new one, Chasing Yesterday, was made available.