Olivia Egmore is hopeful that her current film project, funded through Edge Hill University’s Student Opportunity Fund, will get people talking.

The Film Studies with Film Production student, who graduates this summer, wanted to gain experience of making a feature-length documentary, boosting potential employment opportunities for herself and her crew – while also exploring the often-difficult subject of abuse.

A film obsessive from Dereham, Norfolk, Olivia (22) notes how “Jurassic Park will always be my inspiration for everything in life!”. She had previously explored acting before deciding she was more suited to the exploration of her art from behind the camera – something she felt she could do at Edge Hill.

“Edge Hill is a good university, as reflected by the awards it’s won, and when looking at film production courses it is one of the best in the country. I also thought it was a good opportunity to explore a new area of the UK to study.”

Crew members (left to right) Caleb Harris (Camera Operator), Meg Terzza (Director of Photography), Olivia and Josh Foxcroft (Sound Mixer/AD)

Crew members (left to right) Caleb Harris (Camera Operator), Meg Terzza (Director of Photography), Olivia and Josh Foxcroft (Sound Mixer/AD)

An increasing political and activism interest has been a factor in her life since moving to the North West, and it is from this background from which her film idea developed. Titled Talk Abuse, the picture follows up student’s experiences following the Time’s Up movement’s high-profile campaign.

“Presenting issues with society in my work has always been something I have been keen on and through personal experiences, and stories I’ve heard, I was inspired to make the documentary. It was a way to let myself heal but to also help others, and hopefully change the way people look at the subject.”

The process of recruiting the right people took time for Producer and Director Olivia, who wanted to work with people she could trust, as well as being passionate about the subject within the student community. In all there are 11 crew members working and benefiting from the funding, all graduating from Edge Hill this summer.

“Nine of us are females, something which I see a lack of in the film industry, and that I aimed for with the crew I selected”, Olivia said.

The financial assistance from Edge Hill’s Student Opportunity Fund has made the process easier and allowed the group to develop their skills set.

“It would had been very hard travelling the country for the interviews but having this funding has given me the freedom to not worry and gain the skills of making a feature film.”

Olivia is keen to stress how she wants to help highlight the issue, to encourage discussion about the subject and whether Time’s Up was about much more than just a hashtag.

“Overall, filming has gone well, the adjustment to a feature-length documentary has been challenging with longer hours being a regular occurrence, but we have enjoyed getting more substance into a story.”

Editing and improvements are planned to continue until the end of August (“we are trying not to rush it as we want to give the subject the justice it deserves”).

“The plan is also to push it for inclusion in UK festivals, and hopefully gain a wider audience. After that we will release it to the public. We don’t want to stop with the documentary as we only explore a small area of the issue and raise more questions than answers.”

Find out you can apply for financial support from the Student Opportunity Fund here.

The full crew are: Olivia Egmore (Producer and Director), Meg Terzza (DOP), Josh Foxcroft (Sound Mixer/AD), Caleb Harris (Camera Operator), Holly Thornton (PM), Katie Allen (Concept Adviser), Hannah Spiers (Production Assistant/Photographer), Kellie Rothery (Camera Production Assistant), Morgan Murphy (Co-Editor), Scott Brady (Co-Editor), Jess Snell (Assistant Editor).