Edge Hill University’s Dr Bhuvaneswari Bibleraaj, a Senior Lecturer in Perioperative Studies, has been chosen as one of NHS North West’s research Wonder Women.

Dr Bibleraaj has 19 years’ experience as a surgical practitioner and her research focuses on training future practitioners in keyhole surgery.

In this episode of NHS Wonder Women, Dr Bibleraaj describes her journey from surgical care practitioner to clinical researcher and on to academia.

She talks about her path into research after listening to patients concerns before their operations and hearing their worries about pain and long-term scaring. She said:

“…They worry about the pain, what is going to happen and the scarring, especially in cardiovascular surgery……when they go on holiday…go swimming and they have a scar, it upsets them. I thought how can I improve the scarring, make people happy when they leave hospital and make them not know they’ve had surgery. That’s why I started my research career.”

Citing her mother as one of her greatest inspirations, she talks about the challenges she has faced throughout her career overcoming many personal and cultural barriers.

Dr Bibleraaj is the third woman from Edge Hill to be featured as an NHS Wonder Women, following in the footsteps of Prof Clare Austin, Director of Medical Education and Associate Dean of Research and Innovation and Prof Sally Spencer, Director of Clinical Research at the University’s Postgraduate Medical Institute.

She is also an NIHR post-doctoral fellow and is President of the Association of Cardiothoracic Surgical Care Practitioners in the UK.

Her current postdoctoral research is based on a structured way of training future practitioners in keyhole surgery based on evidence-based clinical practice.

Her book a step by step ‘Cardiothoracic surgery manual for perioperative practitioners’ is due to be published.

The NHS Wonder Women campaign features nine films celebrating some of the unseen elements to health and social care research, and the women who work in this area, as well as encouraging people thinking about doing health research.

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