Edge Hill University’s Language Centre has broken the record for the highest score ever awarded on a first inspection and has been awarded Centre of Excellence status by the EL Gazette.

EL Gazette loThe EL Gazette, the magazine for English language teaching and English medium education, has reported that in its UK rankings of British Council reports for university language centres, ‘the list of new entrants is led by Edge Hill University, which has broken the record for the highest score ever awarded on a first inspection.’

This makes Edge Hill the third highest ranking university overall.

Carmel Roche, Director of Edge Hill’s Language Centre, was delighted by the news.

“This is great news for the Language Centre at Edge Hill as we’re now in the top three for language centres in a university,” said Carmel. “This gives confidence to sponsors, partner institutions and especially students that they will have the highest quality student experience we can offer, and this includes their English language course, pastoral care, accommodation, facilities and the beautiful environment of our campus.”

The University is accredited for the teaching of English in the UK, giving an assurance of quality to international students who are taking or are planning to take an English language course or the pre-sessional course before progressing to their academic studies at Edge Hill. Accreditation also covers the Language Centre’s in-sessional support classes, English Plus courses, Pre-Masters Programme and the International Foundation Programme.

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