The Prime Minister’s Parliamentary Private Secretary Seema Kennedy escaped the grips of Westminster to talk to politics students at Edge Hill University.

Seema, who is MP for South Ribble, spoke about her role and how she’d entered politics before taking a diverse range of questions from students.

The first-year undergraduates grilled Seema about her views on the verbal abuse of MPs, the hypocrisy of political figures, the rights of UK and EU citizens, proportional representation, social media and ‘fake news’ and of course Brexit.

After a show of hands revealing how students voted in the 2016 referendum, students asked Seema how she felt after MPs overwhelmingly voted against the Prime Minister’s EU withdrawal deal earlier this month.

Revealing it was a “big shock” and recalling how quiet it was walking through the division lobby she told students she had voted remain in the referendum.

With many students saying they wanted a second referendum as they’d not been old enough to vote the first time they quizzed Seema on her views.

She said: “I voted remain because of the long to medium disruption it will cause. I was out knocking on doors and people who had never voted, they came out and voted. They feel part of the political process. To turn around and say you made a mistake is unbelievably patronising and we should honour the referendum result.”

Speaking after her visit, Seema said:

“It was fantastic meeting students who are very well informed and opinionated and to meet the leaders of the future here at Edge Hill.”

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