Picture shows student Shannon Bryan on the set of Hollyoaks

A student from Edge Hill University completed her placement behind-the-scenes on the set of Channel 4’s Hollyoaks where she put her course theory into practice.

Former Litherland High School and Hugh Baird College student Shannon Bryan, who is studying for a degree in Television Production Management at Edge Hill, managed to secure a placement at Hollyoaks after taking the initiative to email the location manager and asking to be part of her team for a day.

“On the day, the location manager introduced me to her team and the production crew” said Shannon. “She showed me around the set and let me know where I might need to be and where to access certain people and equipment. She talked me through the shots and went scene by scene which was incredibly insightful and useful to get a full picture of the day. Honestly, I can’t say enough about how helpful everyone on set was and how open they were to answering any questions I had for them. I am so grateful for the incredible advice and guidance I received with regards to my career path and where I want to go within the industry.

“My eyes have been opened to the complexity of the work that the location department do and how important their work is, making sure the production runs smoothly. This placement was a great opportunity, and I couldn’t be more thankful to the team for letting me put the theories I learn at university into practice on the set.

“Placements are so important for me because it allows me to experience the complexities of working in TV on a set and not just theorising about it in the lecture theatre. I am figuring out what works best for me and I am making sure I experience working in as many departments as possible, so I have a better idea of the whole production and have a better knowledge of every role. This will make sure I am so much more well rounded. It was an incredible day with such talented people and I’m sincerely grateful. “

When Shannon graduates she hopes to work within a production team creating content for documentaries, television or small films, before heading to Canada to continue her career.

“I worked in Canada in 2016/17 as part of a media team at a summer camp, so when I leave Edge Hill I’m going to work for a year in industry, then get my two-year visa and go to live there and do what I love about television production there. I’m so excited!”

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