Final-year student Emily Hodgson has credited an Excellence Scholarship with helping advance her opportunities to fulfil career goals.

The 22-year-old from Accrington won a scholarship with Edge Hill University in 2016/17, which has helped meet the demands of her three-year child nursing degree.

“It has been extremely beneficial financially”, Emily admitted. “Half of my course is placement, so it has allowed me to work less hours in my part-time job, allowing me to concentrate on my assignments and placement. It has also helped to fund my travel costs to placement, such as insuring my car and petrol.”

The scholarship has also helped enhance her student experience by widening her circle of friends at university, something which can sometimes prove an issue for nursing students.

“In first year I was in halls with other nursing students and because my course has longer terms and different hours, it was originally hard to meet other people who weren’t on my course. But the scholarship meant I could meet and get to know people studying other degrees.”

Attendance at Edge Hill University seemed a natural fit for the former St Christopher’s C.E. High School and Burnley College student.

“It has an amazing reputation for nursing, along with having partnerships in specialist hospitals which I feel were beneficial for my course, as a student nurse” she stated. “Also, when I looked round Edge Hill, I instantly knew it was for me. I felt like I could see myself studying here, everyone was so friendly and helpful.”

Emily credits volunteering with helping her on the road to higher education and the eventual fulfilment of becoming a qualified nurse – and believes other students could do the same.

“My work and experiences provided me with the confidence and knowledge to apply for my degree. It is through volunteering that I decided on my future career. It has also allowed me to practice and gain skills such as organisation, time keeping and communicating with a range of people.

“From committing to a volunteering role, other students would gain a sense of achievement and pride that they are helping people who need it most. I also feel that it will allow them to gain new skills and provide knowledge on the different career options out there.”

She would welcome more knowledge of scholarships among her peers, to enable others to take advantage of the benefits on offer.

“A lot of people ignore promotional material around the university as they don’t feel that they qualify for one, when many people do.”

And what of the future? It appears Emily’s aim is in sight…

“Child nursing remains my post-graduate goal. I have already been offered a staff nurse paediatric job so far and I don’t qualify until September, so my goal is now in reach.”

Emily was selected for an Excellence Scholarship in 2017 – being awarded £2,000 towards her studies. Find out more about applying for a scholarship here.

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