Bob the Russian, the latest show from Naughty Corner Theatre Company, was praised in the Liverpool Echo’s end-of-year round up of theatre highlights.

In a ‘Shiny and New’ category, arts reviewer Jamie McLaughlin described the ‘high-energy crime caper’ as ‘more entertaining than many of the large-scale productions heading to town’ and ‘riotous, hilarious and pure of heart’.

The 6th show by the award-winning company is set against the background of the World Cup in Russia:

Russia, 2018. The FIFA World Cup is in full swing, and so are the Russian and English hooligans. As the final approaches, the country has turned into a rioting war-zone with more hooligans and police than ever before. What can you do when an entire country has been engulfed in mindless violence? Pull off the heist of the century of course, England and Russia working together while England and Russia are on the streets killing each other…what could go wrong?

The show has been performed at the Edinburgh Fringe, Liverpool Unity and the Gladstone in Port Sunlight, culminating in a final performance at the University’s Arts Centre.

Mikee Dickinson, Naughty Corner’s artistic director and writer of Bob the Russian graduated from BA (Hons) Drama in 2013.