Talented Doctor Who fan, Harry Draper, who is studying an MA in Creative Writing at Edge Hill has been announced as the winner of a prestigious competition for new writers.

Inspired by his passion for The Doctor, Daleks and Time Lords, Harry has written a brand-new adventure about the sci-fi hero which has been turned into an audio download at Big Finish after winning their Paul Spragg Memorial Short Trips Opportunity.

Featuring Constable Bernard Whittam, who is celebrating his retirement from a lifetime in the police, his evening takes an unexpected turn as he ends up facing the end of the world in a story of damnation and salvation. Harry, 22, said:

“This is my definitive love letter to the Doctor. I wanted to write a sequel to the very first episode aired in the 1960s. It only seemed fitting to feature my favourite Doctor, Patrick Troughton, and be set in Barnes Common, London.”

The annual competition began in 2016 in memory of production assistant Paul Spragg. Harry, who previously gained a first in his BA in Creative Writing at the university, said:

“I remember the exact day that I came across Doctor Who and I’ve never looked back since. It was the 8th July 2006 with David Tennant. It had all the classic components, Time Lords and Daleks and it had such a huge cultural impact at the time. I then went on to watch all the episodes and I’m a huge fan although Patrick Troughton, William Hartnell and Matt Smith are my favourite doctors.”

He added:

“Paul Spragg was always very keen to make sure fans felt part of the Doctor Who culture so I’m honoured and surprised to have won this fantastic competition.”

After submitting a one-page synopsis and opening page, Harry was chosen from hundreds of applicants and worked with the production team on three edits to create the finished story. Harry added:

“It’s particularly exciting that the story has been narrated by Nicholas Briggs, the voice of the Daleks and the Cybermen. He’s a perfect fit as when I was imagining the Doctor in my head I heard Patrick Troughton, the second Doctor, and imagined the gravel in his voice during the narrative.”

The story is available from Big Finish for free download here.

Preview clip:

Harry has also recently had a short work of fiction published in Tales From Her Past: Short Story Launch, launched at Ormskirk’s Chapel Gallery this month. It features stories inspired by Women from West Lancashire who took an active role during World War One.

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