Professor Cherith Moses

Edge Hill University has a new Head of the Department of Geography.

Professor Cherith Moses joins from Sussex University where she had previously held a number of positions including Head of Geography, Director of Teaching and Learning and Deputy Head of School in the School of Global Studies and University Director for International Recruitment and Development. She also established and was Director of the Centre for Coastal Research. 

Cherith is a geomorphologist whose research lies broadly within the study of land form development and landscape evolution and focuses on rock weathering, building stone decay, and coastal processes. She is Assistant Scientific Editor (Engineering Geology) for the Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology of the Geological Society of London.

She was attracted to join Edge Hill due to the active research in the department particularly in coastal and rivers science, remote sensing and environmental change, and also the facilities available, providing outstanding scope and potential for developing her research.

“My passion lies in geography and geology and Edge Hill provides the opportunity to put my management experience to good use whilst furthering my research in a department with great research synergies and incredible facilities,” said Cherith.

“I visited a few years ago and was bowled over by the facilities available on campus, and when I had the opportunity to explore the Geosciences building I realised that the laboratory facilities are more extensive and better equipped than many Russell Group universities.

“Edge Hill gives me the scope to develop interdisciplinary research that informs policy and practice in coastal and environmental management.”

Cherith’s research is funded by a variety of organisations including the Environment Agency, the European Union, Defra and NERC (Natural Environment Research Council). Recent research projects include developing predictive models of beach responses to wave energies, understanding rock cliff and shore platform erosion dynamics. Cherith was project leader for the Beaches at Risk project, improving the management of beaches for coastal defence, tourism and wildlife conservation on both sides of the English Channel.

Currently Cherith is consultant to the EMODnet (European Marine Observation and Data Network) project, that is mapping the geology of the European seas and producing a pan-European marine data infrastructure for use by policy makers and industry practitioners, and has recently begun a new NERC funded project on coastal vulnerability and resilience of coastal communities.

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