Edge Hill University student Roberto Bertolini is flourishing on his placement year – with tech giants Google.

The 21-year-old, who was born and raised in Heidelberg, Germany, will be returning to Ormskirk to complete his computing degree in 2019 – and cites his course as a factor in helping him in his placement.

“I chose the Networks, Security and Forensics pathway at Edge Hill and the course has helped to arrive with a basic understanding of most of the underlying systems used. Most of my projects up until now have been based on Google SQL. Taking the Databases course at university has made adoption of the new language easy.

“The degree was a requirement to gain a placement, but it is not as important as your logical thinking and previous experience. Google, as well as many other large employers, provide the necessary training to get you up and running as soon as possible.”

Roberto, who attended the English-speaking Heidelberg International School (his mother is British, his father Italian), reveals that he is learning every day in his role, initially in an IT Support Technician position in their Munich office – although his own background has helped him settle in the unique office environment with the company.

“The first few months have been a steep learning curve as Google does many things differently to other enterprises and SMBs”, he revealed. “As well as my usual role in the afternoons I continue to work on different projects I joined or started myself.

“The lifestyle in the office is typical Google: modern, entertaining and a little crazy. However, I would say coming from my educational background has made integration and communication between multiple different cultures easy.”

Roberto urges fellow computer students looking to make a positive impact on placement to be themselves, and to use their time wisely.

“Don’t try to be somebody different, if you are passionate in your subject everything will come naturally. Make sure you grab any opportunity of experience.

“The summers are very long, allowing you to go on a placement throughout the holidays or apply for a part-time job in a small computer repair shop or IT Support in a SMB. Experience then allows you to be comfortable with challenging IT issues throughout the interview process and in your role.”

Roberto feels he is now one step ahead of some of his fellow students as he looks ahead to the prospect of graduation in 2020 – perhaps with the opportunity of something more permanent at Google?

“It will greatly benefit me as it has given me a years’ worth of work experience in the field. The training I have got has continued to develop my skills within Information Technology allowing me to potentially continue here as a full-time employee or implement my gained knowledge and skills into different business environments.”