Edge Hill University has responded to calls from the health sector for experienced managers by launching a new degree starting in 2019.

From next September, students will be able to study on the new BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care Leadership and Management degree.

The course offers management/leadership skills covering both health and social care sectors giving students the maximum choice in their future career.

It also responds to calls from businesses and organisations including Virgin Healthcare and the NHS asking for more graduate leaders and managers. Hayley McKenzie, Lecturer in Applied Health and Social Care, who has led on the development of the new degree said:

“We spoke to stakeholders and they all said they were short of qualified leaders and managers. While organisations like to encourage progression for employees they told us that many managers lacked theoretical knowledge and the cross-sector experience needed to be an effective manager. In the health/NHS sector there is a move towards a more holistic wellbeing approach combining both health and social care. This degree responds to that by teaching future leaders holistically.”

She added:

“They can choose where they want to focus their work experience, in a hospital, health retailer, gym or care home setting for example. They have to start at the bottom and experience a variety of roles so they know what the service is like for the customer/users, before actually practicing their management skills in the third year. They then have to use their experience to decide on and carry out a ‘small change project’ suggesting what changes they would make if they were in charge.”

Edge Hill is one of only a small number of universities offering the integrated degree rather than students studying a health and social care degree then taking further management and leadership training or vice versa. Hayley said:

“The course has been designed with input from all our stakeholders so we feel confident graduates will be top of their field when applying for management roles. In the future people will need good services combining health and social care so this degree will ensure graduates are ready to meet the needs of a changing society.”

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