Succour Punch Theatre group

Succour Punch Theatre. Sarah is second from the left.

A graduate from Edge Hill University is returning to campus to deliver a political message with a punch in her debut show Stripped.

First class Drama graduate Sarah Sharp has set up her own theatre company, Succour Punch Theatre, who will perform Stripped at the University’s Arts Centre on Wednesday 21st November.

Stripped consists of 16 scenes depicting 16 different topics that we feel need talking about in relation to sex and gender politics,” said Sarah. “The show stands for what we refer to as true feminism, fighting for equality of opportunity. Therefore, we’re proud to say that the show does include arguments for the rights of all genders, namely men’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights and of course women’s rights.”

Sarah formed Succour Punch Theatre earlier in the year after gathering together a group of strong Liverpool based female performers with a shared passion for confronting challenging topics, and a desire to create work with the purpose of driving social change.

“All of Succour Punch’s work comes from conversations that myself and the creative team have had about how we feel about issues that are affecting us as young women in our day to day lives,” said Sarah. “We then step back from these issues and try to create a more surreal, alternate reality version of the events we are discussing.”

It was during the final year of Sarah’s Drama course that she was inspired to set up her own theatre company.

“The final year of my course centered a lot around having our own ideas and concepts, we were taught to articulate them, create our own work and our final dissertation was part of a mini-fringe theatre festival, and I guess that’s where the idea was planted,” said Sarah.

Sarah thoroughly enjoyed her time at Edge Hill and puts the skills she learned on her course into practice on a daily basis.

“My three years at Edge Hill were great and I really did learn a lot,” she reflected. “I’ll always remember sitting in the first few lectures of the course, listening to amazing minds talking about subjects I’d never even touched on before, speaking so knowledgeably and passionately, and I had no idea what they were talking about. I promised myself that one day I would understand.

“Skip forward to my third-year and I could understand them and join in the conversation, holding my own argument. Our lecturers told us early on that we were allowed to disagree with them, if we could back our opinions up with research, knowledge and information. I’ll always have great respect for them for that. The Edge Hill Drama lecturers deserve medals!”

You can see Stripped on Wednesday 21st November at 7:30pm in The Arts Centre.

Stripped is one of the University’s Wonder Women series of events, marking the 100th anniversary of the first women’s right to vote.