An Edge Hill academic appeared on BBC One’s topical Sunday morning programme The Big Questions to discuss the idea that social media is beyond control.

Laura Bliss, a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the department of Law and Criminology is currently completing a PhD which focuses on the law’s response to online abuse, particularly focusing on abuse directed at women in the public domain.

Laura was posed questions in the discussion by host Nicky Campbell.

Laura said: “I put forward the idea that although I believe in freedom of expression, it is not an absolute right and we do need restrictions on what is said on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

“For me, we are currently heading in the direction of regulation, as I put across in the show. I also made it clear that I firmly believe that more needs to be done to educate the younger generation on the use of social media.

“There is now a whole generation who do not know a world without social media, we need to be educating them on the impact social media can have in later life.”

The Big Questions is available to watch on the BBC iplayer. Watch it here: