A keen YouTuber with a following of over 27,000 subscribers and video views in excess of two million has been awarded a scholarship by Edge Hill University.

Nineteen year-old Patrick Ball, from Southport, produces content for and runs his own channel, Postboxpat. The channel’s videos are designed to help Minecraft players gain a better understanding of the game.

Patrick said:

“I first started producing online content around 2012, inspired by my school friends and other content creators. I was always being asked questions about games or would hear others talking about them, and I imagined many other people out there would be asking the same questions, so decided to answer them online.

“My school friends and I started producing content, which at first was very dry but we all have to start somewhere! After about three months most of them had stopped but myself and a few others continued and here I am today with a successful channel which is still growing.”

Patrick is in his second year studying BA (Hons) Music Production and says that experience gained on the course has helped him to improve the audio side of his content including music and sound effects.

“I like my videos to have as professional a finish as possible, says Patrick. “I edit them using Final Cut Pro, do my own commentary and produce my own music. I’ve also collaborated with others to produce unique content.”

Patrick is hoping to one day reach 100,000 subscribers, and releases new content on an almost daily basis.

He hopes to set up a YouTube society at Edge Hill.

“I would love to collaborate on videos with other Edge Hill students,” he said.

Patrick is hoping for a career in music production but also intends to carry on producing his video content, with a view to linking the two passions in some way in the future.

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