Edge Hill students gained new skills and boosted their employability through challenges set by top businesses during dedicated ‘Hack’ week.

Last week, students from the Computer Science Department were given the opportunity to take part in extracurricular activities, working in teams to put their skills to the test and receive feedback from industry experts.

Highlights included working with ROQ on a web based hackathon, where students could learn and experience a little about the testing phase of the software development lifecycle and network with the technical staff from ROQ.

A group of 25 students visited the UKFAST offices in Manchester to take part in a ‘real-life’ hacking challenge which took place over the course of five hours, simulating the work carried out on a daily basis by penetration testers at world-leading ethical hacking firm Secarma. Ten teams competed against each other to find vulnerabilities in a replica of a real-life business IT environment, with points awarded for identifying weaknesses and providing recommendations for fixing the problem.

Working in teams of five, Alder Hey Children’s Charity set students the challenge of producing a range of games for children of primary school age, with the aim of transforming their experience in hospital by bringing comfort, fun, reward and distraction to young patients, whilst providing vital information to parents and carers.

Professor Nik Bessis, Edge Hill’s Computer Science Head of Department said:

“Hack week is one of a number of extracurricular opportunities students can take part in while at Edge Hill to improve their employability skills and enhance their career prospects.”

Helen Walters, Enterprise & Knowledge Exchange Co-ordinator from Edge Hill’s Computer Science Department, said:

“It’s great that so many well-known companies want to get involved. The graduate job market is so competitive so students can really benefit from opportunities like this as they can network and receive feedback form industry experts, as well as testing their creativity by working together on real world challenges.”