David Yip and Professor Roger Shannon in conversation

The Liverpool Chinese actor and writer David Yip visited Edge Hill on November 1st for a talk with Professor Roger Shannon about his wide ranging film, television and theatre work spanning four decades.

Professor Roger Shannon said: “Daid Yip’s role as John Ho – in the early 1980s BBC police series The Chinese Detective – was singled out for discussion, primarily because that was the first UK TV drama series ‘carried by’ a Chinese actor in the lead role, and thus far the only one of that ilk. The recent very public discussion of the lack of diversity on the UK’s small and large screens was a significant part of our conversation. “

David Yip also commented on his roles in Indiana Jones and James Bond movies, as well as paying attention  to his background within the Chinese community and culture in Liverpool, which he has drawn on for his acclaimed and award winning theatre piece, Gold Mountain and for the film by Gurinder Chadha and Paul Berges, Blue Funnel.

This well-attended public event in Creative Edge was jointly arranged by the University’s Institute for Creative Enterprise and the Confucius Institute. Chinese students at EHU introduced attendees in the foyer of Creative Edge to traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, paper cutting and the Chinese Tea Ceremony, and other examples of Chinese culture, thereby providing a wide-ranging Chinese experience for the students and the public.

While David Yip was on campus, he generously gave his time to record interviews in support of the research work of Rosa Fong (the writer, director and Senior Lecturer in Film and Television) who is uncovering the lives of Chinese seamen who travelled to and from Liverpool, as did David Yip’s father.