First year Computing student Asim Hussain has his heart set on a career with a global technology company, and thanks to the Student Opportunity Fund he is one step closer.

Asim managed to secure five days’ work experience at Sky Technology in London, and the Student Opportunity Fund made this possible by covering the costs of his travel and accommodation.

“The main reason I applied for a placement at Sky was because it is a large organisation providing many fantastic opportunities within the technology sector. I love technology and there is no better place to gain experience than with a global media company.

“During the week I worked within different sections of the Technology Department, from planning to networking and fibre construction. The work experience was hands on and involved attending meetings and working with large teams trying to achieve the aims and objectives for the day. I learnt a lot about the Sky Fibre network and how everything is routed and supplied to the customer.

“I was fortunate to work in areas of the organisation that will cover my module choices in September and it gave me an understanding of the subject knowledge and the practicalities within a working environment. I had the chance to meet the Director of the Technology Department who answered my questions about future opportunities and we discussed how after graduating, Sky could be the place for me.”

This experience has provided Asim with a wealth of knowledge and enhanced his employability skills. He is now eager to gain more experience and will be applying for a summer placement at Sky in his second year to gain experience in the other sectors of the organisation.

Once he has graduated, Asim would like to be part of a technology development team working as a project planner to grow and develop large companies like Sky.

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