Chris Chibnall, who later this year becomes Showrunner for the BBC’s Doctor Who, visited Edge Hill University on Monday to receive an Honorary Doctorate in Literature.

One of Britain’s most important and accomplished television dramatists, Chris grew up in Formby, Merseyside. He was head writer and co-producer of award-winning Doctor Who spin-off, Torchwood and writer of all three series of acclaimed crime drama Broadchurch. He contributed scripts to BBC One’s Life on Mars, was lead writer and executive producer for ITV1’s Law & Order UK; and creator and executive producer for Camelot, a dark retelling of Arthurian myth.

His two television films – BBC Two’s United, which tells the story of Manchester United’s Busby Babes and the Munich air disaster, and BBC One’s The Great Train Robbery, which documents the heist from the perspectives of both police and thieves – demonstrate Chris’ talent for dramatising historical moments around a core of well-drawn affective human relationships. He has also written five Doctor Who episodes.