A talented young filmmaker whose films have already won two prestigious awards graduated from Edge Hill University today with first class honours in Film Studies.

Andrew Harrison, 21, from Birkdale, has several productions to his credit including a full-length feature. Alongside filmmaking colleague and Edge Hill graduate Lewis Simpson, Andrew received a North West Young Filmmaker award from the Institute for Amateur Cinematographers for short film I Live on the Deaths of Millions, which was selected for its plot and cinematography. Andrew also won an award from Southport MovieMakers for his short film Goldfish, in praise of the film’s depiction of emotion.

Andrew said: “The short and feature-length films I have made range from comedies to horrors, and have all been co-written and directed by my three friends and I. We kept them low-budget by using our own equipment and locations, and also assuming the roles of cast and crew! We’ve made films for almost 10 years now, initially just for fun and out of love for the craft, but more recently the production values have risen and the experience and technical knowledge we have gained whilst studying has helped the films look progressively more professional.”

Whilst studying, Andrew was awarded an Edge Hill Excellence Scholarship which he says has helped him hugely.

He said: “It allowed me to buy more advanced film equipment – such as a new, higher-end camera and different lenses – whilst still being able to afford living costs. The Edge Hill library is a brilliant and indispensable resource for renting film equipment but thanks to the Scholarship I was also able to own some equipment of my own which made it easier to shoot whenever and wherever I wanted. You don’t need money to make a great film – as many low budget films have shown – but the Scholarship’s allowing me to purchase equipment certainly improved the visual quality of my films.”

After graduation Andrew plans to spend the summer shooting several of his new scripts, with the intention of entering them into prestigious festivals.

He said: “Me and my filmmaking colleagues (also Edge Hill students) have several films planned, and intend form a small production group in order to further our careers and get our films noticed. I also plan to apply for internships and jobs at any industry level I come across, potentially at nearby television locations like the BBC, ITV, or Lime Pictures, and work my way through roles. My ultimate career goal is to work in the film industry either as a writer or director, but I would happily start in any position and work my way up.”

Andrew has credited his lecturers and tutors at Edge Hill as being “wonderfully supportive and helpful throughout my entire degree, both in the department of Film Production and my core subject Film Studies.”

He continued: “Their passion for cinema and the art of it has been inspiring and exciting and has urged me to carry on with my hobby in my extracurricular time. They always advised we spend free time watching films, to constantly surround ourselves with them and in turn learn more about the techniques and methods, which was great advice.

“Furthermore, if any readers who aren’t yet at university are considering taking Film (either Studies or Production) as a degree at Edge Hill, then they absolutely should have no doubts about its efficiency in honing skills in the filmmaking area.”

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