Julia Griffin - Stuck

A multimedia performance explaining how time and memory work will take place at Edge Hill University as part of the Festival of Ideas.

STUCK is an autobiographical project by three Edge Hill University academics: dance artist Julia Griffin, digital artist Professor Helen Newall and composer/sound artist Professor Steve Davismoon.

The artists will use digital video technology, soundscape and live performances to narrate the story of family members who have suffered from dementia, causing them to lose their sense of identity.

Julia Griffin, who will perform live, said:

Through my performance I express my relationship with my mother, who is at the latest stages of dementia. It is about my memory of her past self and my attempt to cling on to that memory.

It is an immersive show that will leave the audience emotionally touched.

Film contrasting scale, presence and absence will represent pieces of a fragmented memory in the process of remembering and forgetting.

Real and manipulated time frames offering many versions of reality will allow the audience to create individual experiences and revisit forgotten pieces of memory.

Professor Helen Newall said:

I want to show the effect my father’s passing by dementia had on me. Repetition is a very big part of the digital video I have put together. I want to display the liminality and confinement of a situation where you are unable to move forward.

Professor Steve Davismoon added:

As a composer I am interested in the idea of soundmarks, which are similar to landmarks – sounds that you hear, even if blindfolded, will place you in a very specific location.  All of the sounds for this piece are derived from the soundmarks associated with Julia’s movement, voice, breathing etc.

To follow up on the repetition theme, the soundscape that I will provide live will consist of many mini-repetitions or, to be more accurate near repetitions.  The sounds, loops etc throughout will be subject to constant turbulence created by microsonic alterations, thus complete impossible.

The show’s narrative is not explanatory which allows the audience to interpret it individually and uniquely. It is a very haunting performance.

The event is part of Edge Hill University’s annual Festival of Ideas themed around the topics of Identity and Belonging. Debates, talks, films, exhibitions, roundtables and performances make June a month full of events open to anyone interested in existential matters, from gender fluidity to technological classification.

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