An interactive workshop that will allow children and adults to discover themselves through artistic exercises will take place at Edge Hill University, later this month.

Guests will be invited to engage with a variety of materials and express themselves creatively in different activities, allowing them to discover more about their own skills and identity.

Francesca Bernardi, who will be delivering the workshop, said:

Creativity provides a valuable opportunity to engage with our self and the identity of others around us, this workshop promotes the emergence of such creativity in a context that invites exploration, spontaneity and self-discovery.

In our daily interactions creative practice is often overlooked, yet creativity is an inner resource we all possess.  Creative practice can promote the discovery of a wealth of skills that are often underused, dormant and in need of expression.

This workshop offers a creative habitat that engages a variety of stimuli for self-reward and independence, where identities are elicited, created and hidden in the visual materials, in the unexpected interactions and in the space in which self-expression unfolds.  Thus, visual outcomes provide a place in which our experiences and meanings can be preserved in a secret dialogue between the materials and the self.

This workshop is suitable for all, no previous skills are required.  Whether you are looking for a creative stimulus to re-engage your professional self, or you are preparing to empower others, these activities invite a renewed approach to creativity.

Francesca Bernardi is a researcher in the Faculty of Education. Francesca is currently conducting an international PhD research project on Childhood Identity and Autism. She trained in Fine Art and Product Design in Italy before completing a Masters in Arts Education at Edge Hill. Francesca is a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce and is a member of The Creative Exchange.

The event is part of Edge Hill University’s annual Festival of Ideas themed around the topics of Identity and Belonging. Debates, talks, films, exhibitions, roundtables and performances make June a month full of events open to anyone interested in existential matters, from gender fluidity to technological classification.

Click here to book free tickets for the workshop on the 9th of June, 2:00pm – 4:00pm.