Student feedback tells us

  • The FET team is greater than the sum of its individual parts.
  • In last academic year’s Exit Survey, trainee responses were overwhelmingly positive and included the comment:

“In my previous university I had some amazing lecturers and tutors, so there was a lot to live up to. However, the range of staff at Edge Hill are incredible. They each have something unique to offer and they supported all of my needs during such a stressful year!”

How we are improving
Student feedback highlighted some areas where we could improve what we do. We listened and have made some changes.

Learning and teaching

  • Improved the documentation we use for lesson observations of trainees by reducing the volume of the report and making it much simpler to complete
  • Extended the induction period to three weeks
  • Provided additional workshops on how to teach a grade 1 lesson with an open invitation to all trainees
  • Added ‘sharing sessions’, in which students discuss their experiences (both positive and negative) and offer advice to other trainees in the group, to the group tutorial programme on a monthly basis.

Plans for further improvement
Edge Hill aims to constantly learn and improve. Future plans based on student feedback include:

  • Inviting expert practitioners from the Further Education and Training sector to the university to share their experiences and expertise with students on challenging issues within the sector.