Edge Hill University is continuing to develop its state-of-the-art campus with the transformation of the Geosciences building, completed in time for the start of the academic year.

The Geosciences building houses programmes in Geography, Geology and Environmental Science, and is home to 250 students on both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

The building has been revamped to include additional laboratories, increasing the existing floor area by 350m2 by building on the flat roof. The exterior of the building has been clad in zinc to complement the neighbouring Business School and Biosciences buildings.

Dr Nigel Richardson, Head of Geography at Edge Hill, said:

“A large laboratory space has been developed which includes a teaching laboratory and research laboratory for Physical Geography and Environmental Science. A wide range of scientific equipment is available in the research laboratory which provides students with exciting opportunities to analyse sediments, soils and water as part of project work in taught modules, or to complete their own research as part of their dissertation project.

“In addition, we also have two new, smaller laboratories in the building for Environmental Analysis and Engineering Geology,” said Dr Richardson. “In the Geo-engineering laboratory students are able to develop their skills on industry-standard equipment used by research laboratories and in industry.”

The Geo-engineering laboratory has the equipment to test the properties of rocks, soils and sediments, and Edge Hill is one of the only universities in the country to have this equipment. The exposure to industry-standard equipment will enhance students’ employability and enable them to complete interesting research, such as testing the skid of different materials for use in road building.

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