Dr Mariagiulia Giuffré, Lecturer in Law at Edge Hill University, has completed a two year project to stimulate a cross-boundary debate to help reduce the political controversy surrounding migrants and asylum seekers.

The international project, Undesirable and Unreturnable? has been funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the findings have been presented by the Refugee Law Initiative and the Center for International Criminal Justice in Brussels and Geneva in September 2016.

Dr Giuffré, along with the Refugee Law Initiatives (RLI), School of Advanced Study, and the University of London, attended network meetings with academics and practitioners from all over the world to devise the report which defines the problem, describes current state responses and explores possibilities of future policy solutions.

“There are migrants who are ‘undesirable’ because of alleged involvement in crimes, but ‘unreturnable’ for legal reasons, and this project brings together a network of academics and policy-makers to stimulate a new debate on the challenges posed to national and international public policy”.

“While there are different short-term policy responses to the issue, a considerable group of these individuals will always remain in legal limbo, sometimes for many years. A coherent solution is currently lacking, as is guidance on how to deal with this group of people”, according to the Report.

Dr Giuffré’s research interests and publications are in International and European Law, Refugee Law, Human Rights and Migration Law and Policy. She has been a Guest Lecturer and Researcher in a number of universities both in the UK and abroad, and she is the co-editor of the book Exploring the Boundaries of Refugee Law: Current Protection Challenges. Dr Giuffré is also part of a project carried out with the International Observatory of Human Rights (Ossin) with the purpose of promoting research on administrative detention of Palestinians in Israel.

Click here to read the full report.