scream street2

Kira Adams, a Stop-Motion Animation student at Edge Hill University, has seen her idea for a short animation based on CBBC series Scream Street, brought to life.

Kira’s submission was chosen as part of the Scream Street Shorts Initiative, which was run in partnership with animation production company, Factory, and international media group and rights holders Coolabi, along with four other university students from the North of England.

Students from all disciplines were invited to take part in the creative development opportunity to generate ideas for a short animation in the form of a storyboard, using two characters, Dig and Lulu, from the stop-motion animated series. The submissions were then judged on originality and creativity, character engagement, story and connection with CBBC’s target audience, by a panel of representatives from CBBC, Coolabi and Factory.

Kira spent a week at Factory in Altrincham to bring her storyboard to life, under the guidance of Scream Street Bites’ director Jo Chalkley, with music composed by Gareth Davies.

Chicken is the title of Kira’s Scream Street Bite, and it features Dig the dog hatching a plan to steal Lulu the leech’s chicken.

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