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Edge Hill University has teamed up with NHS South Sefton Clinical Commissioning Group to develop a two day training course for health care assistants, in an attempt to enhance the quality of care at nursing homes.

The training, which is delivered by a team at Edge Hill, is part of the Care Home Innovation Program (CHIP), and focuses on practical knowledge and skills, covering topics such as; pressure area care, infection control, blood pressure monitoring, blood sugar monitoring, understanding dementia and medicines management.

 “The training, developed in close partnership with NHS South Sefton CCG to meet staff specific needs, has proven to be a great success,” said Dr Anita Flynn, Associate Head of Nurse Education: Research, Innovation and Enterprise at Edge Hill. “The delivery team, from the Department of Nurse Education here in the Faculty of Health and Social Care at Edge Hill, have found the attendees enthusiastic and motivated to learn. Attendees have actively participated in all skills, asked relevant and insightful questions and openly shared their experiences with each other.

“The feedback we’ve received from health care assistants on the course is that the training worked so well as it has been tailored to their roles, using examples or situations they might find themselves in. They also valued the opportunity to take part in the workshops outside of their workplace, which allowed them the focus they needed.”

Dr Peter Chamberlain, GP and lead for strategy and innovation at NHS South Sefton CCG, said:

“The training is something that we have worked on with Edge Hill to design and it is a very practical course. The feedback so far has been extremely positive and this will only enhance the quality of care for the residents at our care homes in south Sefton. The training will really add to our CHIP program by giving residents the high level of care they need at the place they feel most comfortable.”

The care homes where staff have engaged in the programme have already noted increased confidence, knowledge and support afforded to residents who require more in the way of clinical observations such as blood pressure measurement.

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