Four of Edge Hill’s Creative Writing students travelled to London to read poetry with students from universities all over the country at The University Camarade.

The University Camarade is an initiative designed to encourage collaboration and innovation for young poets, featuring Creative Writing students reading and performing collaborative works, written by pairs of poets from six universities across the country. This event is internationally-renowned and provides a great platform for Creative Writing in the UK.

James Byrne, poet and lecturer in Creative Writing at Edge Hill attended the event with students Annia-Acosta Barbores, Luke Thurogood, Brendan Quinn and Laura Tickle.

“The University Camarade played to a packed crowd at the Rich Mix in London,” said James. “Edge Hill poets teamed up with student collaborators from across
England and Scotland to produce new work. The standard was exceptionally high throughout, in what turned out to be an extraordinary event, something like the University Challenge equivalent to poetry.

“I feel proud that our star poets on the Creative Writing program attended the event to represent the University. It shows how innovative our program is and allows our students to more fully connect with the significant poetry events that celebrate their own generation.”

When asked about his experience of attending an event like this, Creative Writing student Brendan Quinn said:

“The University Camarade was an excellent way to be introduced to the community of young poets and writers around the country. The opportunity to perform with someone you have never met before, and probably never would have, in the great city of London is one that will have a lasting effect on my abilities and prospects as a writer.”

The event was organised by The Enemies Project, which focuses on contemporary poetry in collaboration across the arts. The Project explores the facets of experimental poetry and literature by arranging events, exhibitions, tours and publications at an international level, including The University Camarade.

The University Camarade - Cameo Rae-Ann Marlatt & Laura Tickle

The University Camarade - Annia Acosta-Barbores & Sarah Dawson





The University Camarade - Alex Davey & Brendan Quinn

The University Camarade - Raif Mansell & Luke Thurogood






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