Edge Hill celebrated National Poetry Day on 8 October with a visit from Deborah Alma aka ‘The Emergency Poet.’

Deborah is ‘the world’s first and only mobile poetic first aid service’. She travels round the country offering consultations inside her retro ambulance and prescribing poems as cures, and on her visit to Edge Hill she received a steady stream of students and staff eager to seek this alternative remedy.

Deborah said: “I visit lots of Universities around the country and I have to say, Edge Hill staff and students I’ve consulted today seem particularly content and happy with their lot. I’ve been given cakes and coffee so I’m also happy!”

“During my work as the Emergency Poet, by far the most comment ailment ‘patients’ bring to me is stress from work and the pressures of modern living. People are doing too much, too fast and not slowing down.”

“Some prescriptions are more difficult than others. Some people come to me with ‘meaning of life’ type problems I can’t put my finger on, and somebody came to me recently who was grieving for their cat. I’m used to writing poems for people who are grieving for humans but the cat was a new one.”

Click image below to watch video from the Lancashire Evening Post:

LEP capture