A music documentary directed by an Edge Hill lecturer will be screened at the ninth annual ‘DocFest’ in Halkida, Greece this week.

The documentary Rogatsia, The Sense of Zourna, is a co-production between Edge Hill University, Aristotle University Thessaloniki, and LookNorth Productions. This is the third consecutive selection of the film following screenings at the Thessaloniki International Doc Festival in March 2014 and Ferfilm Festival in Kosovo in September 2015.

The documentary was directed by Edge Hill Film & Television lecturer Yiannis Koufonikos, and Media lecturer Gary Westhead was responsible for sound processing and mixing.

Yiannis Koufonikos said: “The film can be characterized as ethnographical music documentary, the target audience of which is regional, national and international, as it offers a hitherto unknown view of Greece.

“It is a practice-based research project. The material at its heart explores the interplay between regional and national identity by focusing on the folkloric traditions at the local level in Greece. In the context of debates about the need to preserve and reinvigorate the heritage of culture and tradition at the local level, the film engages with the unconscious resistance of cultural globalization that such traditional practices embody. The cinematic style is thus shaped by the context of this cultural tension, and explores methods and techniques to represent it on the screen.”

The ninth annual celebration of Greek documentary Ntokimnater-docfest returns to the city of Halkida from Tuesday, October 13 for six days.