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Edge Hill’s Faculty of Health and Social Care

A team from Edge Hill University were commissioned to evaluate a key strand of a drive to increase transparency about quality of care in the NHS (England).

The Open and Honest Care: Driving Improvement Programme aims to increase knowledge and awareness about the quality of care of individual trusts at ward level amongst staff and patients.

NHS England (North West) commissioned a team from Edge Hill’s Faculty of Health and Social Care, comprising Dr Angela Christiansen, Dr David Lynes, Dr Axel Kaehne, Andrew Kirkaldy, Toni Bewley, and Tracey Barnes, who conducted the evaluation between June and November 2014.

The evaluation used a mixed method study design, including a self-administered questionnaire and interviews with key staff at participating trusts in the North West of England.

Findings established that the Open and Honest Care: Driving Improvement Programme:

• is a highly valued part of the NHS improvement strategy on increased transparency about care quality.
• has the potential to help ward based staff identify areas for improvement and empower them to act on areas in need for improvement.
• can significantly contribute to a culture of learning within and across NHS organisations.

The study also identified a number of key challenges for participating trusts in four different domains, such as how to implement the programme; share information with staff; disseminate information to patients and use the programme as a vehicle to improve learning processes within their organisation.

The authors concluded that the programme makes an important contribution to a culture of learning across the organisation.