An initiative involving an Edge Hill academic which has empowered young Europeans against sexual abuse, has praised the involvement of the University in its end of project report.sryr6

Senior Lecturer in Sociology of Sport, Dr Mike Hartill has co-ordinated the UK’s involvement in the European Union funded Sport Respects Your Rights project since 2013. The project was set up to develop the ability of young Europeans involved in sport at a grass roots level to protect themselves against sexualised violence and gender harassment. Young people have been encouraged to work with project leaders and create their own youth-led campaigns, raising awareness and promoting social change in their sports clubs and educational institutions.

The end of project report praises the “good practice of the partners” and dedicates the report itself to “the volunteers all over Europe who, according to our data, have invested the incredible amount of more than 16.239 hours into Sport respects your rights in the past 22 months,” and goes on to say: “without you, this project would not have come to life.”

As part of the project, Edge Hill University student volunteers had the opportunity to deliver workshops for sport students and organise events to raise awareness of sexual violence, initiating the #STOP1in5 Twitter campaign.

Read the full end of project brochure here.