Bishop Paul Bayes meets Edge Hill students

Bishop Paul Bayes meets Edge Hill students

The Right Reverend Bishop Paul Bayes, who was installed as Bishop of Liverpool on Saturday 15 November, visited Edge Hill University on Thursday 13 November.

The Bishop met with students and staff, toured the campus and was introduced to research initiatives.

Bishop Paul Bayes said: “I visited Edge Hill as I wanted to see a University within the Diocese before being officially installed as Bishop of Liverpool. As Bishop of Liverpool it is easy for many outside the Church to think I am simply the Bishop for the city. Vital as our city is, I’m well aware that two-thirds of the people in the diocese live in our other communities, so it was important for me to spend time across the region. The diocese covers a huge number of people who live across Merseyside and West Lancashire, for many of whom Edge Hill is their local University.”

The Bishop went on to describe his first impressions of the University after this initial visit: “Entrepreneurship and a gung-ho spirit has grown Edge Hill from a teacher training college into a multi-denominational University. It’s a really fantastic campus with astonishing buildings and lakes, and a remarkable architectural blend of old and new.”

The visit signified the ongoing relationship between the Diocese and Edge Hill.

Bishop Paul Bayes said: “Institutions like the Church and Universities hold society together. I have learned a lot about Edge Hill’s many research initiatives today, which all have a direct positive impact on people in the region. It’s important to me that the Diocese has a good relationship with the University as both our institutions seek to help others. Edge Hill reaches out to the community perhaps more than most Universities.”

Watch a video from the visit: