Biosciences building

Biosciences building

Superbugs, chemical warfare, evolution and fungi will all come under the microscope in four Biology public lectures which will build on the success of the department’s inaugural public lecture series earlier this year.

A lecture from Edge Hill’s Angela Ryan-Kewley launches the new series on 29 October. War of the Worlds – The sequel … Humans versus the Superbugs questions whether we are losing the battle against pathogenic bacteria, examining superbugs such as MRSA.

Other talks in the series are as follows:

• Chemical warfare – the biology and some consequences
Philippa Luker (Lecturer in Biology, Edge Hill University)
Wednesday 12th November
This talk focuses on the biology of the immediate exposure to and the long-term consequences of chemical weapons.

• The theory of evolution- what has the last 150 years told us?
Dr Paul Ashton (Head of Biology, Edge Hill University)
Wednesday 26th November 2014
An overview of Darwin’s theory, its development and modern evidence while fully explaining the routes of speciation that Darwin missed.

• Fungi: the secret key to life on earth
Fay Voller (Lecturer in Biology, Edge Hill University)
Wednesday 10th December 2014
While the fungi are generally known for the simple mushroom, the hallucinogens and their spectacularly lethal poisons, this lecture explains the much less well known general biology of the kingdom, in particular their role in the partnering plants.

Each lecture is free to attend and will take place at 6pm in room B001 of the University’s Biosciences building, with free refreshments beforehand at 5.30pm.

Edge Hill University’s Biology department has recently enjoyed a major revamp and has been extended with a whole floor of brand-new lab space, supporting further work in Human Biology, together with enhanced facilities for research.

Dr Paul Ashton, Head of Biosciences, said: “The last lecture series proved a great success in outlining the work of the department and its wider application across biology. This year’s series builds on that experience and will feature areas as diverse as the biological effects of chemical warfare, the treatment of acne, the role of fungi in biological processes and recent discoveries in the field of evolutionary processes.”

For more information about the lecture series or to book your place, please contact Emily Bennett on 01695 677348 or email