Birmingham’s celebrated CCCS (Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies) recently marked 50 years since its establishment and Edge Hill University’s Professor Roger Shannon is to present talks at two different events marking the centre’s instrumental impact on cultural theory.

Roger Shannon, a Professor of Film and Television and a former MA student at the CCCS, will speak at the ‘Looking Out from the CCCS’ event from Birmingham arts organisation and gallery VIVID, of which he is a board member. This series of events taking place throughout June will examine how the CCCS – which operated from 1964 until 2002 – influenced cultural activities outside of the University environment. Professor Shannon’s two talks on 19 and 21 June about the work of the Birmingham Film and Television Workshop are the focus of his recent inclusion in the Research Excellence Framework. For more information about ‘Looking Out from the CCCS’ click here

Professor Shannon will also participate with sub culture theorist Professor Dick Hebdige and film maker and Turner Prize nominee Isaac Julien in a Round Table discussion on the subject of External Dialogues at Birmingham University’s ‘The Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies: 50 Years On’ Conference on Wednesday, 25 June 2014. For more information on this two-day conference, please click here

Professor Shannon said: “These events will make a fitting tribute to the influential cultural theorist, campaigner, and founding editor of the New Left Review, Stuart Hall who was Director of the CCCS and recently passed away. I am extremely privileged to have been one of his students.”

Roger has also helped produce an exhibition to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the CCCS’ establishment, where he worked with photographer Mahasiddhi, formerly known as Roy Peters, to take photos of his contemporaries at the centre, where they all studied between 1975 and 1979.