Student Camera Operator Phil Curtis

Student Camera Operator Phil Curtis

In a new blog post, Edge Hill student and Staff Writer for The Label, Adam Walker, blogs about shooting a music video and the opening of the Creative Edge Building.

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“The music industry is a strange place. In a time where music formats are changing, and money is an issue, Edge Hill University’s newest endeavour, The Label Recordings, aims to offer something a little bit special. An independent not-for-profit record label, it sees students, mentored by lecturers with music industry experience, as they search for emerging talent, produce music videos and help organise live events.

Carl Hunter, a media lecturer by day, who transforms into the bassist for Liverpool-based band The Farm at night, stated that “The Label isn’t interested in taking a slice of the band’s music or earnings, quite the opposite in fact. Imagine that, a record label that will put out a band’s song, package it, shoot a video and help with distribution? It’s a chance not to be missed.”

At the end of it all, stands a stage. A stage at Liverpool’s world famous Sound City Festival, which has seen huge names such as Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls and Ed Sheeran grace its stages in the past. Let the countdown begin!

8 Weeks to Go…

For those of you who have never filmed a music video, there’s one crucial component: the thought of free pizza afterwards. In all seriousness though, watching from a distance, it was an incredible experience to watch The Inkhearts, with the help of a small army of students, create their first music video. Phil Curtis, a second year Film student, and the man behind the camera, said that the experience had been “a pleasure.” Highlighting the support of lecturers Carl Hunter and Claire Heney, he went on to say that “it blends together teaching and industry practice, which can only be beneficial”. Toni Jordan, a first year student, also studying Film, agreed, highlighting it as a “brilliant experience”. You can expect to see the finished result, here, in a few weeks.


Meanwhile, on a basketball court, in a completely undisclosed location, the members of Hooton Tennis Club were busy filming their video, for their single, ‘Kathleen Sat on the Arm of her Favourite Chair’. Taking a relatively old-school visual approach, to accompany their raw, trashy sound, you can check out the results, here.

7 Weeks to Go…

With just seven weeks until The Inkhearts and Hooton Tennis Club perform at Liverpool’s Sound City Festival, both bands shared the stage as Edge Hill University celebrated the official opening of their Creative Edge building. Under the watchful eyes of author, broadcaster and alumnus Stuart Maconie, who opened the £17m building, The Inkhearts and Hooton Tennis Club ripped through a half hour set list, giving Edge Hill staff and students a taste of what they can expect at Sound City.


There was also, rather sneakily, a chance for those who attended to get their hands on The Label Recording’s first releases, a few weeks ahead of schedule. Without wanting to say too much about the tracks themselves, it can be confirmed that the singles themselves, are just beautiful to look at. Both are to be released on The Label Recordings on April 7th.”

Adam Walker