Talented sports stars who secure and accept a place at Edge Hill University could now be awarded a scholarship worth up to £1000 per academic year.

Gold, silver and bronze scholarships are available to all students who have applied for a full-time study on an undergraduate, foundation degree or PGCE and have firmly accepted an offer of a place for the 2014/15 academic year.

Sports people participating at a competitive level who can demonstrate the ability and ambition to improve in their sport during their time at Edge Hill are encouraged to apply for the Sports Scholarship.

The gold, silver and bronze awards all provide access to the University’s sports facilities for free, but the gold level scholarship awards up to £1000 each year to put towards training and competitive expenses. The silver level scholarships awards up to £500 per year.

To be considered for a scholarship, potential students need to complete and submit a Sports Scholarship application form before Friday 30 May 2014. Full criteria to qualify for the scholarships is listed at

Edge Hill University also operates a representative fund where individuals or groups who gain selection for honours at international or national competitions may have the opportunity to apply to the sports scholarship panel for assistance to take part.

Zoe Slater, Scholarships Administrator said: “We’re keen to recognise the talent and ability of the sports people who have accepted a place to come and study at Edge Hill University.

“These scholarships underline the importance we place on outstanding achievements and complement our already wide range of awards available for both new students and those already completing courses at Edge Hill.”

The amount awarded to a student as part of the sports scholarship depends on certain qualification criteria, but these do not include personal finances, degree subject or academic achievement.

It is possible to apply for both a Sports Scholarship and an Entrance Excellence scholarship, but only one of these awards will be given to each person.

More information about scholarships can be found at or find out what you’re eligible to receive here