In a new article for the Liverpool Echo, Peter Guy writes for the Getintothis blog about The Label Recordings and their first two signings, Hooton Tennis Club and The Inkhearts.

“The Label Recordings is, as the name suggests, a record label based in West Lancashire’s Ormskirk-homed Edge Hill University run by a collective of students from disparate backgrounds with the same goal: to promote new music.

A team of around a dozen students (including media under grads, designers, politics, English students, even an accountant) each have a specific role – be it A&R, pluggers, PR, videographers, technicians (you get the script) – in making this project function as close to the real thing: a full functional record label which head hunts talent, hones it, releases a product and then pushes it.

The key difference – there are no contracts – the artist remains, ultimately in control of everything…” Read the full article on the Liverpool Echo website here.