There has been lots of positive feedback for the Kraftwerk Uncovered project which is currently touring the UK. You can read two of the latest articles and reviews by online magazines Trebuchet and Gig Junkies below.

“Kraftwerk‘s aesthetics are inherently technological, if not scientific, and it’s in this context that the British public has often encountered them. The group famously appeared on the BBC’s science programme Tomorrow’s World at the time of Autobahn and their robots appeared on the show to promote the remixed version of ‘The Robots’ in 1981.

At their little-known Norwich University show in 1992 some of the hardcore fans wore white lab coats to signify their devotion to Kraftwerk. So it was only natural that sooner or later, Kraftwerk would materialise in some form at the Science Museum, and it was especially appropriate given the continued presence of the Oramics electronic music exhibition in the museum…” Read the full view on Trebuchet here.

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“Let’s be clear about this – this is something completely different – we’re here for an experience – similar to the Joy Division Reworked, that THSH put on last year. Contemporary orchestra Icebreaker are here tonight with their own unique take on the music that was created by the legends of electronica – Kraftwerk. Created by German sound-scape artist and composer J. Peter Schwalm, this intentionally deconstructs Kraftwerk’s music and features award-winning visual artists Sophie Clements’ and Toby Cornish’s creative cinematic works, filmed in the Ruhr, the region in Germany from which Kraftwerk started off life…” Read the full review on Gig Junkies here.

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