Finding a free PC on campus has just become easier with the launch of an innovative new service from Edge Hill University’s IT Services Team.

A handy online application has been developed that allows students to easily find available computers in the University Library and Learning Innovation Centre (LINC). The app also enables users to select a particular location, floor or room to find out the current status of every computer in that area.

The service can be accessed on mobiles, tablets and online, meaning that students can find available PCs quicker and easier while on the move. It also ensures that all on-campus open access computers are visible and fully utilised by the whole student community.

Teams across IT Services collaborated on the project with support from the Edge Hill Students’ Union, following student feedback.  Michael Nolan, Head of Web Services at Edge Hill University, led the development team. He said: “We built the new PC Availability service to help students see how many free computers are in each building.

“Screens showing available computers will be placed in key locations around campus. The status of each computer workstation is updated every minute, which ensures the information is accurate.”

IT Services are looking to extend coverage of the PC Availability Service to other areas of campus. View the app by visiting

IT Services welcomes any feedback on the service and students should pass on any comments or suggestions by emailing

The Edge Hill Central app is now available to download. This helps students stay connected with the University, providing the latest course information, access to the library catalogue and emails and the latest university news directly to your mobile device. Download at