The lasting friendships forged through studying at Edge Hill’s close-knit Geography department were the inspiration behind a recent reunion at the Ormskirk campus.

Event organiser, James Atkins, who graduated from the BSc (Hons) Geography course in 2010, says it was the return from the USA of one of his classmates that gave him the push to organise a reunion.  

“Everyone was really keen to meet up and organising the reunion was a lot easier than I thought it would be. We’ve all tried to keep in touch since graduation and the Alumni Team helped us to arrange meeting on campus.”

In total, 11 students attended the get together in November and apart from reminiscing about old times, the alumni were given a guided tour of the campus before heading into Ormskirk for further trips down memory lane.

“It really was fantastic seeing everyone again,” said James. “In many ways it felt like we hadn’t really left university and I was surprised at how little we had all changed. It definitely made things extra special being able to meet up on campus and being treated to a tour certainly made all the memories come rushing back.”

Jemma Stephenson, another of the 2010 cohort who attended the reunion, said: “Sharing our memories together made them more vivid and reaffirmed our connections to each other and the university. We were delighted by the developments and pleased to see that the key parts of the original architecture and character had been retained in such a special, memorable place for us all.”

Both James and Jemma say that they not only had a great time at Edge Hill, but, most importantly, it helped them get to where they are today. “My time at Edge Hill helped prepare me for the next stage of academic life,” reveals James, who has recently graduated from an MSc in Disaster Management and Sustainable Development. “I developed the skills to become capable of writing the large, extensively researched essays and reports that dominated my postgraduate degree. The openness of the Geography Department made it so easy to get help when it was needed or improve my understanding when I wanted.”

“As well as teaching me to enhance my strengths, throughout my studies I learnt the importance of being critical, of myself and my work, so that I could identify weaknesses and improve on them to make the whole outfit stronger,” says Jemma, currently a domestic energy adviser with an energy education charity in Gloucester. “Questioning how things are done and providing continuous review play a big part in the organisation I now work for, who pride themselves on their ability to change and adapt in a highly dynamic industry. Among others things, I think that Edge Hill has provided me with key start-up skills that employers want: in self-management and communication internally with colleagues and with new and varied groups of people. If I am ever in doubt of my ability to complete a task or fulfill a role, chances are that I can look back to university and find a situation where I have achieved something similar to prove to myself that I am more than capable.”

For further information about organising a reunion with your fellow alumni at Edge Hill University, or to find out more about making contact with your fellow alumni, email Caroline Mitchell, Affinity Officer, at