Public opinion should be taken into account by legislators when looking at legalising drugs, according to a leading researcher from Edge Hill University.

Professor Philip Murphy, an expert in the field of the effects of illegal drugs, discussed some of his controversial viewpoints on the subject at his inaugural lecture to celebrate his new professorial appointment.

For his talk, he focused on the policy side of drug misuse and argued that the public should have a role to play in any decisions on the decriminalisation and legalisation of drugs..

Professor Murphy explains why people’s opinions are so crucial in helping to shape the “kind of society we really want”

Slides from Professor Murphy’s presentation are available to view here.

Professor Murphy began working professionally with drug misusers as a counsellor with the Merseyside Drugs Council in 1984, and completed his PhD in the Faculty of Medicine at Liverpool University in 1993 with a thesis on the psychological aspects of opiate withdrawal. He has co-authored more than 70 scientific papers for journals and conferences in the field of substance misuse, many of them concerned with impairment to memory associated with ecstasy use. He is also the series editor for biological psychology for BPS Wiley publishers.

He recently appeared on the UK’s first televised research trial on Channel 4, Drugs Live: The Ecstasy Trial, examining the effects of the illegal drug Ecstasy.

Footage of Professor Murphy’s presentation