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An ambitious new cohort of PhD students have joined Edge Hill University’s vibrant research environment to work on innovative projects that will improve the lives of others.

As part of the University’s commitment and long-term strategy to produce excellent research in its faculty of Arts and Sciences it has created 12 Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) posts.

Living on campus, the group have all been awarded bursaries to focus on relatively new research areas that haven’t been explored in depth by other academics within their fields.

Representing a range of backgrounds in Sport, Performing Arts, Media, Psychology, Computing, Film Studies and Biology, the diverse group will complement the already strong research culture within the University’s other faculties – Health and Social Care, and Education.

They have committed to analyse and explore a range of topics, including: Transformation Performance in the Treatment of those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Fatigue in Soccer; Contemporary Film Exhibition and Movie-going Practices in Istanbul; Development of Software for Building of Bespoke Mobile Applications for Healthcare; The Relationship Between Science Fiction, Urban Planning and Architecture; and The Effects of Livestock Grazing on Biodiversity in UK Limestone Areas.

Professor Kevern Verney, Associate Dean in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, said: “We’re delighted to welcome these 12 new PhD students into our active research community at Edge Hill. They are so enthusiastic and passionate about the topics they are investigating that I’m sure it will result in some very significant outcomes.

“Although we already have a number of PhD students here, these 12 latest appointments mark the start of a major new University initiative to recruit a total of 60 bursuried full-time GTA posts in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences over the next five years. In today’s current climate it is very unusual for universities to offer this level of commitment to research activities but we have a long-term vision to build a research-rich campus that offers sustainability, a vibrant culture and encourages a sense of ambition.”

Edge Hill University’s Graduate School was established in April 2010 to help new researchers, offering a range of services to ensure that PhD students are fully supported during their studies. For more information visit the website