Emergency Service Personnel with a patient on a stretcher

The head of New York Emergency Medical Service will join an Edge Hill University debate about the challenges faced by paramedics in saving lives.

Dr John Freese, Chief Medical Director for the EMS New York, will talk about the difficulties faced by pre-hospital care providers in the USA at the Paramedic Conference on Friday 19th October.

The former paramedic will also examine the pros and cons of Trauma Centres that provide life-saving treatment for seriously injured patients such as those who have head injuries, stab wounds or have been in a car accident.

He began his career in 1993 as a volunteer for the ambulance service in Indiana

In 2003, he was selected as the post-graduate EMS Fellow for the Fire Department of New York.  He was hired as a full-time division medical director immediately after his Fellowship and served as the Medical Director for Manhattan and On-Line Medical Control, the Director of Pre-Hospital Research, and the Medical Director of Training before being appointed as the EMS Chief Medical Director in 2010.

As the principal investigator for the SmartCPR Trial, conducted in collaboration with London Ambulance Service, he is looking at the on-going effort to improve survival from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. This trial is designed to evaluate the ability of a new technology to direct EMS personnel toward the correct treatment for each individual patient. He is also the principal investigator for NYC Project Hypothermia. 

Dr Freese will join a number of other keynote speakers at the event entitled Managing Challenging Incidents in the Pre-Hospital Environment.

Phil Crompton, Head of Paramedic Science and Pre-Hospital Care at Edge Hill University, said: “This conference gives us an opportunity to discuss some of the challenging issues around long distance trauma patient transport, mass casualties and the allocation of both regional and national Trauma Centres. I’m delighted that we have Dr Freese joining us in the debate as he has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field and can give us a useful insight into the problems in the USA.”

Other keynote speakers include:

  • Professor Andy Newton, Clinical Director and Chair of the College of Paramedics, who will focus on making difficult decisions less demanding and the role of technology and extended practice.
  • Professor Kevin Mackway-Jones, Medical Director for North West Ambulance Service, will discuss key challenges of casualty management in the UK.

The conference will also include seminars and other topics relating to paramedic practice and is open to all emergency service personnel. It’s £10 for members of the College of Paramedic, or £40 for non-members. Book online at www.collegeofparamedics.co.uk.

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